"Smart Lighting" not working

I understand that smartthings is experiencing an outage on 3/12 but it seems back up EXCEPT my automations are not working. If I go into the app and access my “Smart Lighting” controls, I see the list but when I try to access the details of each, I am getting “Something’s Wrong” window.

Anybody else experience this? I am in the United States in case that matters when responding.


Update on 3/13 @ 10:20 CST.

Looks like this issue has been resolved. I am now no longer getting the error message and assume that Smart Lighting routines are working correctly.

I would say that SmartLighting is not yet fixed…

Same for me. Switching works remotely, but no automation.

I am also not able to modify any of my Smart Lighting automations using the iOS app.

Me either…