New User Light Switch Query (UK)

(Shaun Muir) #1

Evening all,

Firstly, sorry of this has been asked a hundred times, but trying to get my head around everything as i am new to ST.

Been reading a lot but kinda have an info overload …

So… i want to change my lounge light switch. I have a standard UK double switch, each one controlling one ceiling light. Am i right in thinking i need something like the TKB TZ37 , so that i have a switch that will control 2 separate loads ?

Thinking about it… each ceiling light fixture has 7 led bulbs in, will this affect the type of switch needed ?

Thanks in advance…

(Bob) #2

I’m right assuming you’re in the uk from your post.
Personally I have a thing for LightwaveRF but thats not suitable for your query.
The man that springs to mind because I think a Fibaro will do the trick and @RobinWinbourne is your man. Hope you don’t mind Mr Fibaro guru. :wink:

(Shaun Muir) #3

Thank you, yup am in the UK… only just got the ST 2 days ago, and picked up 2 Fibaro motion sensors to go with it. Got these working and have the general idea about how it all works, but knowing the right components to buy seems a little trickier when it comes to electrical connections… thanks again…

(Robin) #4

Fibaro modules are great for the UK… I wouldn’t use anything else.

Take a look at for some of the best prices.

If you want the two circuits to be dimmable (bulbs permitting) then go for 2nr Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules.

If you’re happy with on/off then go for the double switch (not the double relay switch).

Common snagging points:

Back box size… one module will fit in a 22mm deep box but you’ll struggle with 2 modules even in a 47mm box. Good thing is that modules can go in the ceiling (behind the primary light fitting) instead, or, in stud walls with those plastic pop-out boxes, you can place them in the cavity behind the switch box.

Neutral - the dimmer 2’s don’t need a neutral but the switch modules do. Most U.K. homes lack a neutral at the switch but you can always place in the ceiling instead where a neutral is always available.

LED’s - not a problem with the switches but if total load on the circuit is less than 50W you’ll need to purchase a Fibaro bypass module when using the Dimmer 2’s.

(Shaun Muir) #5

Great stuff, thank you.

No stud wall in this case, and happy with a straight on/off, so will choose accordingly and look to place in the ceiling as i know i have plenty of room there.

Thanks again, is appreciated.

(Robin) #6

Here’s the handlers (parent and child setup) for the double switches.

Any wiring issues give me a shout but the manual is fairly clear.

(Shaun Muir) #7

Gentleman… thank you, is appreciated


The TKB TZ37 should work as long as you have a neutral wire at the switchbox. The Fibaro micros that @RobinWinbourne mentioned will give you more options for both wiring and switch selection so I would agree those are generally a better choice for the UK. :sunglasses:

(Meza) #9

Happy UK Fibaro user here.

Just wish the price was a bit lower - dimmers hovering around £39 on Amazon at the mo.

Double relay switch granted is better value as it’ll do two lights.

(Robin) #10

I pay the extra for the dimmers, even if I’m not dimming (you can set it to On/off mode in the parameters), as you can use switch 2 to send scene ID’s to the hub and trigger other things.

So a single gang wall switch can be converted to a double gang, with one switch controlling the original load and the other for a table lamp (via Swiid cord switch or smart outlet).


Hi Robin, I have an Aeotec Nano Dimmer I’ve been trying to get to work to do exactly this. But it doesn’t in any incarnation!
More than happy to get a Fibaro Dimmer 2 instead. Could you provide more details on how you configured the scene ID control, please? As I have a Swiid cord switch crying out for it! :slight_smile:

(Robin) #12

Use @zcapr17’s device handler and then change parameter 28 to 1.


You can then use CoRE or webCoRE to respond to the various scene ID’s, so single click on switch 2 can toggle the Swiid, double click can do something else, triple click can do something else.


Excellent, thank you, I’ll let you know how I get on soon!