Smart light bulb plays a sound when turned on?


Is anyone aware of a smart light bulb that can be pre-configured to play a sound file whenever turned on? Maybe also configured with a specific hue/color as well? It would need to be one with some internal storage.

Second best, a way to have it automatically stream a sound file from a nearby device when the wall switch turns it on.


There are a couple of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth bulbs that will do this. They’re aimed at college students for dorm room lighting.

I know there are some community members who have used the
AWOX brand in the past:

Otherwise, anything that works with Ifttt would give you some integration.

Thanks! I’m trying to see how the “auto-play” would work, and I’m not finding any of these (there are many) that specifically mention this functionality built-in from the get-go. That AWOX one you reference, do you know for certain it’ll play a sound on light switch powerup?


No, I don’t know for sure how people use it.

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