AwoX StriimLIGHT WiFi Color - Colored, Dimmable, Wifi-Connected Speaker Bulbs

I posted the link to these in another topic, but I’d like to draw more attention to them, so I created a new topic.
AwoX StriimLIGHT WiFi Color

If someone could get those integrated into SmartThings, or any other home automation system for that matter, I’d be all over it. Portable home speaker system and lighting?

Yes please.

There are a couple Speaker Bulbs out there, and even some LED speaker bulbs. But I don’t know any that have the complete featureset:

  • Wifi Connected
  • Color-Changing, Millions of Colors
  • Dimmable(not sure if it accepts a knob dimmer for analog dimming)
  • Speaker built-in
  • Fits in standard light socket(isn’t massive)

I’d love to see a lot more competition for bulbs with these features, as they’d instantly turn any house into a cool party home. It could even be applied in apartments, or just used day-to-day as an intercom system.



Any news about the integration between the led strips and ST? Tks