PlayBulbs - Bluetooth Speakers meet LED Lightbulbs

Anyone see these?

Very interesting. Wonder how bad they sound.


I saw them a little bit earlier today. I’m guessing that if they are in a recessed light can, it might help a bit since it’ll funnel the sound out. However, that does not speak to the quality of the speaker! :smile:

Also wondering how they stay in sync if you have multiple (or if they don’t)

May not be ideal for music, but should be fine for voice. Talking bulbs? Interesting idea…

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Unfortunately they have exactly zero tech infomation lol. The important question is, if i have more than one do i have to pick which bulb i play my music on? Could be a nice alrernative to sonos for pure voice stuff though.

Wow, how did I not think of that. Stupendous idea. Now, maybe that Hub v2 will include some bluetooth and we’ll be good? :smile:

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This is awesome! I just bought two Hue bulbs and plan to buy 1 or 2 more for notifications of events, I want Ubi but buying multiples of those will get spendy. But this is amazing light + audio! I’ve already spent my budget this month on HA stuff but one of these may happen next month.

I’m more interested in this:
AwoX StriimLIGHT WiFi Color

Dimmable, variable color, wifi-connected, speaker-embedded standard socket bulbs. Just add a motion sensor and you’ve found the SmartHome’s Holy Grail.