Smart Life 3 Gang Power switch

Hey there
I’m a technician but new to ST and ZigBee,

I use several Smart Life ZigBee Power switches. 1gang and 2gang work well, but for the 3gang switch I get only 2 controls and I do not know to add a 2nd child device to control the 3rd gang.

Connection process
App - add device - start connection on switch - fails but it appears as “Thing” in the device list. Then change the Type to “ZigBee Switch Power” for the 1gang and “ZigBee Multi Switch” for 2gang - everything is find. But for the 3gang I get only ONE child control so I can only control 2 of the 3 switches.

The child has the same ntwork id suffixed by :02
I tried to manually add a child device with suffix :03 or :04 but it does not help.

Any idea?



Hopefully someone more familiar with that brand will be able to help you.

Meanwhile, A small note on the Terminology, just to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing.

I believe you are referring to a “three gang“ switch, not a “three-way“ switch.

A three way switch is when two switches control the same light fixture. For example, this is quite common for a staircase, where there will be one switch at the top of the stairs and one switch at the bottom of the stairs but they both turn on the same light.

A three gang or triple gang switch is when there are three controls in the same switchbox or on the same device, but each controls a different light or scene.

and to make things even more confusing, the terminology for the US and for the UK/EU are a little different. A “three-way“ set up in the US is the same as a “Two way“ setup in the UK.

“Gang” is used the same way in both regions, but the physical form of the switches is a bit different.

This is a “three gang“ switch, which I think is what you’re asking about.


Here’s a good explanation for the UK:

Also, The first rule of home automation applies, particularly for multi gang switches. That is, “the model number matters.“

“Smart Life” Normally refers to an app which is used by many different brands. I’m not aware of a 3 gang light switch that is branded “smart life” although there may be one. Some of the brands that use the smart life app include Moes, Suzixcen, Mnycxen, Benexmart, zemismart, Nedis Smartlife, Globe Lighting, and many more. Many of these are rebranded Tuya switches, but may have different firmware which can affect the behavior of the switch.

What’s the exact brand and model of the switch that you have? :thinking:

Thanks a lot - I change the wording

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Model DS-112-L
Manufacturer TEEKAR

The model number is the same for 1gang, 2gang and 3gang

I know, that there is no hint “works with ST”, but I tested the 2gang and it worked well so i bought the others too :slight_smile:

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Have you tried this device handler:
It worked with my 3 gang Zemismart (Tuya) switch.

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Hi Paul
thanks a lot - i got my 3rd gang


Hello, is there a way to integrate this with edge, I have buy exactly this one, but now I can’t add device handler because of the edge.

Yes, my Zemismart 3 gang switch works well with an Edge Driver. I am using the following driver.

Zemismart is part of the Tuya ecosystem. The problem is that Tuya makes a slight change and gives the product a new fingerprint. So you might need to get @Mariano_Colmenarejo to add your finger print to his driver to make it work. He is very good about helping people out.

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Hope @Mariano_Colmenarejo can help me, but how I get the finger print of my device?

See the community FAQ on edge Drivers. It should answer most of your questions.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

If you install the switch and it doesn’t work with the recommended or stock drivers install the API Browser+. With the API Browser+ you can get the fingerprints. Send a screenshot of the read out to Mariano so he can add the fingerprints.