3 Gang and 2 Gang to Zwave Switches? (Dominican Republic)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Alexis and I’m new with SmartThings automation and almost 0 knowledge of electrical Stuff.

I want to evolve and use z wave switches (I have a SmartThings Hub / Schlage Lock and a couple of sensors working)

Is there any 3 gang and 2 gang Switches? I have traditional ones (Around 4 in x 3 in aprox with multiple switches) and want to know what’s the best for me and how i install them

With the single ones, i think its easier because there are plenty of options out there

Can you please help me? I think i have a neutral connection so consider with neutral and no neutral switches.


What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, I don’t recognize that as a typical triple gang switch for either the UK or the US.

In the US, this is a triple gang switch:


The switchbox gets wider as each additional gang is added.

In the US, this is a triple combination switch. It fits in a single gang box, but has multiple toggles or rockers.

In the UK, The switch box is always the same size. But this is a typical triple gang switch. it’s very similar to a US combination switch except that the UK switch is square.

Hi JDRoberts!

Im from the Dominican Republic.

This is an example of a single switch in my home

The ones i own are a single box with multiple toggles/switches


Z wave frequencies are different in different countries because the frequencies that are used by local first responders like ambulance crews and fire departments are different. So the Z wave frequency has to be chosen so that it will not interfere with local ambulances.

The frequency assigned to the Dominican republic is the same as the one assigned to Australia/New Zealand.

However, the electrical systems are typically 115 V, which is not the same as the US, Europe, or Australia.


This can make it very difficult to find devices that will work.

Smartthings only very recently released a hub on this frequency, but right now it’s only available in a pilot program in one part of Australia.

So I’m really not sure what to tell you.

Nice to know

A few things, in our country we don’t even have 911 in all of our cities just the main ones, and no law regulates the Z wave Frequencies. Everything that i bought from US Amazon works perfectly (SmartThings, Sensors, Smart Plugs, Schlage Lock, etc).

I know a couple of companies that work in automation here and use Leviton, Lutron, Savant , etc, but they are too expensive for just installing a Switch and thats way im trying to find a solution.

What is the model number of your hub? If you bought it in the US, it almost certainly uses the US zwave frequency, so any devices you buy will also have to match that frequency exactly. ( and the frequency cannot be changed after this manufactured)

Model: STH-ETH-200

All the things that I buy are through Amazon US Marketplace

OK, that is a V2 hub on the US frequency. So you will have to buy Z wave devices that are also on the US frequency. Zigbee devices work with either region.


Any Z Wave Switch recommendation?

And how i install in a single box multiple switches?

Does the z waves switches comes individually and then i put all of them inside of the single box?

Remember i have 0 knowledge in Electrical stuff, sorry for this… I will use an electrician to make the work done but i want to know the theory.

I don’t know what to say about the switches because the ones on the US frequency are not going to match your electrical circuit. You are above their maximum specification, which creates a fire hazard.