Smart Hub Question


I have the following:
• 5 Amazon Echo Dot’s
• 1 Phillips Hue bridge (15 lights so far)
• ADT Pulse home security
• Roomba vacuum
• 3 Smart outlets (different manufacturers)
• Multiple IFTTT applets

My question is, since these devices integrate directly into Amazon Echo what is the purpose for my SmartThings Hub?


none. if you find the need for more flexibility/customization, or integrating all those devices under one system, your SmartThings hub would replace your ADT pulse system. The best blend of the two would be SmartThings’ new ADT Security Hub

Sounds like your home is more remote controlled than automated. Your ST hub can make things happen automatically rather than you having to do the asking all the time…


I don’t have the ADT Pulse Home Automation, just security. Maybe I’ll look into the new ADT/ST integration.

You’re right it is more voice controlled and not automated.

That’s a very good question Bob.
My smartthings hub turns on sockets connected to my security cameras when my home is unoccupied.
This means I don’t get recordings of the family doing routine stuff, but I hopefully will capture any intruders that might turn up.
Other than that, it’s become redundant really.
Alexa has most things covered.