ST, ADC, & Amazon Echo

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post after reading through several integration projects. If this is not in the correct section my apologies. I am looking at adding a SmartThings hub as a secondary to my ADC network. My question and I have not seen it confirmed yet is, will I be able to use the ST Alexa integration for voice commands while running it as a secondary? I would like to leave everything in ADC and do not have any issues with it outside of the Alexa skill which is what I am hoping ST will solve. Thank you in advance!


I am not familiar with ADC’s system…when you say ST is ‘secondary’ what do you mean…a device can only belong to one hub or another, and if it is connected to ST then the Echo can control it.

Does that help?

Yes I understand your point. I just wanted to confirm that when ST joins a network (created by ADC controller which is a 2GIG) that it still has the ability to issue commands to devices (switches, bulbs, etc…) through Amazon devices.