Need Advice on Whole System Changes, including a new security system

As some back story here, I’m currently running a ADT SmartThings Hub with about 60 devices that are a mix of Zigbee and Z-Wave. With ADT and Samsung bailing on the ADT Hub, I have to make some changes. Kind of upset because they started the slow death of the ADT ST system 3 months after I heavily invested in sensors. A security system is critical for me and I’m a little hesitant to get another DIY system but willing if there is a good established one out there. I also use the SmartThings Echo app and have multiple Echo’s to control devices. I do not use WebCore or IFTTT for anything right now. I am running the ADT Tools but that won’t really matter once I dump the ADT ST Hub.

I guess I have 3 questions really. I’m open to all and any suggestions.

  1. I have an old v2 hub that I can move all my Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to. Should I do that or is the v3 worth upgrading to?

  2. Can you recommend a well supported DIY security system that offers 24/7 monitoring that you have experience with? Is the monitoring fee reasonable? Should I go with a pro installed system instead? I have a separate camera system so that isn’t a requirement. I know there are several DIY systems with monitoring but I want people with experience chiming in. I’ve already read a lot of reviews.

  3. Is SmartThings coming out with a new hub that I should wait for? Is there another product I should consider?


  1. I could argue either way V2 vs V3. Right now V2 runs the same updated firmware as V3. But with V3 being the current model, its more likely to get supported in the future.
  2. I have no experience, but ring gets good reviews and has tight integrations with your Alexa system. Depending on how simple your automations are, you may even be able to ditch SmartThings, move your z-wave devices to ring and setup your automations with Alexa routines.
  3. I haven’t seen one. As far as considering another, see #2.

Stay tuned for SDC 2019 at the end of October. You never know if they might reveal new hardware.


For purpose built security systems, low cost, DIY with monitoring, there are a number of candidates, but I think three good ones to consider depending on exactly what you need are:

  1. Ring. Excellent echo integration since it is owned by Amazon now, and a pretty good variety of devices. Your existing Z wave devices may work with it but they won’t be able to trigger security alerts. (like the SmartThings/ADT system, companies tend to keep very trite take control over which sensors are allowed to trigger monitoring calls, and sometimes this is required if they want to have UL listing)

Good pricing, good customer support. This is the inexpensive one that’s getting number one ratings at most of the security review sites, it’s certainly worth looking at.

You can talk to people using the system in the following thread:

Ring Alarm released! (Integration project in post 13)

  1. Abode. Interesting design, handles video better than most low cost monitoring systems since the video gets sent to the monitoring center as well. I’m annoyed with them because they’ve been promising HomeKit integration for a year and haven’t delivered yet, but people who already have them seem pretty happy. They have an IFTTT channel, so you can get a little bit of smartthings integration that way if you want it.

Supports some zigbee devices and some Z wave devices for their home automation rules, but it would feel stripped down compared to smartthings if you gave up smartthings all together. The security side is nice, though. :blush:

All of the community members that I know who got abode ended up leaving smartthings all together, I’m not sure who currently has it who would be posting in this forum, but hopefully they will chime in. :sunglasses:

  1. Simplisafe. Lots of people have that and like it, and there is a community built integration although it’s not as tight of an integration as the ADT model was.

And here’s the thread where you can talk to people who have it:

SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)

If you have a wire alarm Konnected Alarm Panels are great and easy to install. They work with Smartthings, Hubitat, OpenHab and Home Assistant. You can get monitoring from noonlight for $10 per month.

I like V2 over V3 because of the battery backup.

I’m seriously considering Ring at this point for my security system. I don’t mind using one system for security and one for home automation. I’m just really torn on whether to stay with the v2 hub or move to the v3. I do like the built in battery backup of the v2 but I’m worried they are going to start phasing out the firmware updates. I can just plug the v3 into an external battery backup or into my generator feed.

I hate to admit it but I haven’t been keeping up with ST as of late. Have they added any tools for easy migration from one hub to another or does it still require a complete rebuild?

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Still requires a complete rebuild :frowning:

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Hubs are not that expensive. I would just go with the V2 hub you have. If a couple years from now they make the v2 version obsolete due to some killer new feature you want only bring on the new hardware, go for it then. There is no rush to move. As for the battery backup I’m always surprised that people find that so important. Unless your WiFi, sensors sirens and everything else are on battery backups, at least a few parts of your system will die when the power goes out.

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I use Ring for security and SmartThings for automation now since SmartThings doesn’t want to satisfy its customers. My Schlage lock works with Ring but had to buy Ring contact sensors. Very happy with this move and Ring has great support.

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Thanks for all the advice! I decided to go with Ring. Bought it and got it all installed over the weekend. Little bummed because I now have a box full of ST ADT sensors sitting there doing nothing but collecting dust. I’ll slowly be moving my Z-wave and ZigBee devices over to my V2 hub. I think I’ll stick with the v2 hub for awhile. I’ll wait and see what plays out with Ring. Maybe they will move more into the automation side of things as well. If not, I can always move to a newer ST hub in the future. Got to say, while I did love the size of the smaller ST ADT sensors, Ring using Z-Wave Plus sensors is a bonus. I no longer have a problem with my distant sensors dropping occasionally. Also, the way Ring handles the firmware updates and device status is nice.

rings sensors, switches and locks shouls work with Alexa routines for automatons. Not nearly as powerful as smartthings, but it should handle the basic turn on/off with motion, turn on at X time, etc.