Smart Home Monitor - Why Did My Siren Sound at 6:14 AM?

Would someone please help me to understand why my siren sounded at 6:14 AM today? Good Morning Weekday, which disarms the Smart Home Monitor, triggered at 5:00 AM, just as it’s supposed to, however at 6:14, when I opened my garage door, the siren sounded anyway, and the Smart Home Monitor indicated and intruder. The intruder was me! I have attached snapshots showing the alarm and the sequence of events.

Similar events occurred again this afternoon, 3 more times. My wife’s presence sensor was detected, triggering a change from Away to Home, and disarming the Smart Home Monitor. Yet, when she entered the garage, the siren sounded and the Smart Home Monitor once again showed an intruder alert. Thanks!


I don’t know, but last week (maybe the week before) I had a whole day where every time I disarmed SHM, it immediately changed back to armed mode. This made my alarm go off many times. I contacted support, but by the time they got back to me, it had stopped happening with no known cause. I would still recommend reporting it.


i had this today . . . my solution was to uninstall SHM . . . im leaving it uninstalled until they actually sort it out properly as in my eyes its very very buggy still.

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Same thing has been happening to me. I have had a total of 10 false alarms since September 4th. All have been with presence detected and SHM showing as disarmed.

Whilst we are on the subject:

I nearly had a big paddy on here the other day, but luckily a friend had made the situation fairly easy so id got over it quickly haha . . .

Last week or maybe even the week before i was at my local pub when i got my first false intrusion alert.

I freaked out abit as it seemed fairly real in that it had detected movement in my office over a space of 3-4 minutes . . . which out of all my rooms id say was the most likely to be entered should the worst happen (touch wood)

So my friend offered to drive me home to check on my house as my cameras are down at the moment due to me moving them to better locations.

We got to mine anddddddddd NOTHING :confused:

It was lucky i had a friend who was with me and had driven me home as a favour as i had drunk a fair bit and would of had to of got a taxi otherwise, then i would of been $20 outa pocket to realise that my house was indact totally fine haha


Ive opted to uninstall SHM for now as i feel its a bit buggy, if my partner goes to work and i am working from home it can turn into carnage…

as we all know the great letdown of SmartThings is and always has been “Presence” its near on pointless wether you use phone or tags unless you use 101 variations to avoid drop outs and have them all cover each others arse (but who wants to carry round a zigbee tag / ble beacon / phone 24-7 just to be sure your registered as home)

Sooooo never the less my tag drops out several times a day and if im working from home and also walking around or moving around in the office it arms the house and then creates false intrusion alerts which then texts and push notifies me and my partner due to the lack of multiple user accounts and contact book, which when she is out at work is making her worry as im obviously then shown as “away” when she checks and then im pissed off because its yet again failed and im having to explain to my misses ehy im obsessed eoth this thing that lets us down everyday.

Once i find a clean solution for presence or SmartThings creates a blinding solution that is way more realiable, plus SHM & USER bugs are fixed i will then reinstall it as i think in concept its perfect and will one day work a charm. . .

I have great faith that SmartThings will sort these issues but as some users dont, im one of those who appreciates they have a hell of a lot of things on there todo and fix list at the moment, so its just a matter of time and im opting to be patient.

Use it everyday on a v1 with 4 motion detectors and 8 door/window sensors. I dont have my garage door in the monitored sensor area but I use presence to initiate im back or Im gone and do everything in those routines and the system performs flawlessly.

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I envy you :frowning: greatly haha x

lol, I have it very simple so it should not freak out on me!

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Issue is resolved, at least temporarily. I did two things. First, I rebooted my hub. Second, I changed a setting in the Smart Home Monitor, saved it, then changed the setting back, saving it again. The idea being that I forced my Smart Home Monitor to update. As I said, solved for now.