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I have, what I believe, is a simple need: I would like Smart Home Monitor to go into Armed Away mode and remain in that mode when my wife and I are away for extended periods of time (such as vacations). Smart Home Monitor is configured, I believe, to go into Armed Away mode whenever we are both away from home (using geofencing of our smartphones). And this works just fine during the day. But when we’re away, for instance overnight, Smart Home Monitor invariably resets the mode at some point to Disarmed, even though we haven’t returned at any point during that period. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but it’s extremely frustrating.


Are you using the Classic app? Any chance you have the Good Morning! routine disabling SHM in the morning?

Your mention of Armed (Away) mode being triggered when you are away from home suggests you are using the Classic app. Unless you have changed anything, it is the four default Routines in the Classic app that handle the setting of the SHM security mode, by default based on presence or time of day, but also using the current location mode (Home, Away, Night) as a restriction.

So I’d be tempted to check the configuration of your Routines to make sure they still make sense, and also make sure that if you manipulate the location mode in any other automations it hasn’t broken the restrictions on the Routines. For example, Good Night! runs by default at a certain time unless the location mode is Away.

The Classic app has a Notifications page accessed from the menu and the Messages tab is particularly informative about what Routines have been up to and why.

I suppose it also needs to be noted that SHM in the Classic app is completely separate to that in the ‘new’ App, just in case the security modes in the two are being conflated.

Many thanks. I guess I should have pointed out that I’m pretty uniformed about all things Smart Things, having delved no further (and this was a while ago) than setting up the basics of the SHM when I initially installed the app (the Classic app) . I did install the new SHM app on my phone, but haven’t made any changes in it, so I’m not sure what effect - if any - it might have on my problem. In any case, I’ve uninstalled it to be sure.

After attempting to figure out some of the things you suggested I suspect that part of my problem might be that my SHM app may be defective or corrupted, since when I try to access it via the Automation screen I get the “Something’s Wrong” message.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Frankly I find this whole Smart Things thing complex and confusing.


I got frustrated with the apparent ‘crash’ of my SHM Classic app so uninstalled it and installed (reinstalled) the new app. Big mistake. Can’t even get it to add my wife and my smartphones to use as presence sensors.

What a mess!


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