Smart Home Monitor Status does not update issue

I am having an intermittent issue with the smart home monitor. Smartthings uses my mobile device as a location indicator to turn on/off the smart home monitor. When I leave, the smart home monitor activates away mode with no issues. When I come back from time to time even though my mobile phone is marked as “present” in the app yet the smart home monitor does not change the status of “away” to “disarm”
This happens about 1 out of 4 times. Nothing changes during those times. For example, I walked away for a walk around the neighborhood. Stopped back home and status changed correctly. Walked away again to continue the walk, came back again and the status still is in the armed mode, checked the location of the mobile device and its marked as present.

I have a camera with a siren that is based on the smart home monitor. So the siren goes off until I change the status manually. Does anyone have the same issue and any ideas on how to fix it?

Which hub do you have? Which ST app are you using?

V2 Hub. Original App.

Open the presence device in the ST app and click on the recently tab to confirm there is actually activity going on.

Yes, it actually does have the status “has arrived”

do you have any restrictions on the rule that changes smh to disarm?

nothing of that sort.

are you using routines or webcore?

Just routines in the app.

can you post screenshots of all sections of that routine?

its really simple. There is only 2 settings.

I am waiting on an answer the same as you. Mine works most of the time but I have intermittent oops. Even though the default setting for I’M Back is Home, I changed the “Change the mode to” Home.
Earlier, it was mentioned to check to see if your presence is registering, mine always did. My Home screen would show the correct Present or Away, the Dashboard was out of synch the same as yours. After several attempts with Customer Service and a different answer each time, I stopped and live with the intermittent oops.

What constitutes as a valid issue for smartthings these days? Im sure if I call and waste 40 minutes on the phone nothing will come from it.
My last few times calling into smartthings support I dealt with samsung support people who knew absolutely nothing. Sad how bad smartthings support got since samsung took over.