Away when everyone leaves didn't work this morning

I opened the app this morning to look at my home energy monitor and i noticed that the house wasn’t in “Away” mode even though my wife and I had left for work over an hour ago.

I have had the same “Away” mode routine set for “Everyone Leaves” since I first moved from v1 to v2 hub. Both of our phones show we left at the time we actually did, but Away didn’t notice. Is this working for everyone else?

I’ve been having Away issues myself. But the opposite. System changes to Away when there are people present. Since most of my automations are set not to run in Away mode, it’s pretty obvious when it happens. I go look in the app and sure enough, mode changed to Away.

For the time being use the Rule Machine app to trigger the routines. Thats how I’m getting around the issues at the moment - but there are issues.

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I’m not sure Rule Machine would help in my case or @stevesell case because we really on the mode.

I have certain motion rules set to not run in Away mode (because of the stupid cat :slight_smile: ). Certain routines not to run when in Away mode. No reason to have it do certain things if we’re not there. At least with my issue, ANY app that relies on a mode state won’t work correctly if smartthings won’t set my mode correctly or change it at random.

Along these lines about once every couple weeks I notice my wifes phone doesn’t register as away, and I know she is away since we commute together, I have her open up the app on her phone and it quickly solves the issue.

I’m not sure if her GPS is dormant or what the actual problem it, or why it does it on some days but not others. That being said 90% of the time it works as it should.

Same exact issue. But it’s annoying when it doesnt register correctly as I have Smart Home Monitor running. As a result, when she enters the house the open/close sensor is trigerred which in turn triggers an Smart Home Monitor alert of intrusion.

Support has been absolutely worthless, saying try uninstalling the app on wife’s phone and reinstalling.

Same issues with false presence states here. The only thing that seems to work here is to have the “stuck” user log off then log back in to the app on their phone. As you can imagine, my seemingly constant text requests to my other family members to log off/on the app is becoming less and less popular.

It happened again this morning, both mine and my wife’s iPhones transition to away (this has been working great) but the Away routine trigger of “When everyone leaves” did not fire.

As far as I know it hasn’t worked since sometime this past weekend.

I opened a ticket with support but got the usual “were so swamped” reply.

This is being discussed on a different thread as well. Seems like ST has identified an issue on their side. Lot of people are observing this issue.

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Some more investigating shows that the mode is intact changing and routine is running, it’s the iPhone app that doesn’t update without a force-quit & reboot. Somehow I never checked that. Sorry to add noise to the discussion