[Release] SHM Delay Version 2.0

30,. 29,. etc
30. 29. 28 etc

Also take a look at these links

I just tried 30.29.28… and it started saying “30 dot 29 dot 28 dot…” I’ll try to mess around with it a little more and see if I can find something that works

you need a space after the period
30. 29. 28

That did the trick! You can use either “.” or “,” but you just need to add a space after it. Thanks!

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Updated the ST version of the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller documentation, documenting use of SSML with TTS messages

Also, please take a look at this Hubitat thread regarding use of embedded SSML with TTS text files.

Here is the response from ST in regards to the siren not being stopped when the system is disarmed. I did let them know that the behavior of SHM, and I believe STHM initially, was to stop the siren when the system is disarmed.

Hey there,

Thank you for your patience and efforts.

We looked into your query and I would like to inform you that the Smart Home Monitor will only stop the siren when the intrusion is Dismissed. Disarming cannot stop the siren because disarming the system does not dismiss the active intrusion. SHM will also continue sending intrusion notifications until the intrusion is dismissed, so it’s good to dismiss the intrusion instead of just disarming the system.

I see you want to have the siren stop when disarming the STHM instead of dismissing the intrusion. Unfortunately, there is no feature currently available within the SmartThings app.

I have considered it a feature request and I’ll be making sure to reach out to our development team with that feature request. I don’t know the timeline for the feature update, but the bit of good news I can give you is that the majority of these features are on our radar and we on the support team are looking out for every request to make sure this feedback is heard.

I hope this feature will be added at the earliest.

Hey everyone,

I know this is probably in here somewhere but I couldn’t find it (this threat is so dang long!)

All I am trying to do is setup a time of day that there is a delay and a time of day that the alarm goes off instantly. (basically I know that in the late evenings nobody should be in my office, so I want it to go off right away) but I am confused on how to get that set, looking at the options on here.

Thank for any help, Im sure this isn’t hard and I am just missing it. The rest of it I got all setup great!

Suggest using WebCore to change SHM mode or arm state at desired times.

Hello arnb,

I cant find a solution for my case here (excuse me if it mentioned but I cant find it).

At night when my SHM is in stay mode, and someone gets up i triggers accidentaly a specified 2-3 motion sensors I need delayed alarm and speaker message to remind the person to disarm the system?

I dont have contact sensors on my bedroom doors, and even if I had frequently they stay opened during the night, so I cant use simulated contact sensor and connected motion sensor in the usual case with delay profile.

Whats the configuration in that case?

One more question - is there a way to specify speaker profile in delay profile.

The idea is when specific delay profile is activated to activate only a specific speaker profile not all of them?

Thanks in advance

Normally, motion sensors trigger an immediate intrusion alert. SHM Delay profiles have an option to delay motion sensors for a few seconds when an entry delay is defined for the current mode, and a motion sensor reacts before a contact sensor opens.

The setting in SHM Delay Child is around line 436 input "themotiondelay". Adjust the upper number, save the program, then set the input setting in the app. Also adjust remove the motion sensors from SHM and define them in the SHM Delay profile. That should work as long as Stay mode has an entry delay despite the setting documentation saying Away mode only. However, it will not produce a warning message, and I have no plans to make messages speaker specific. You may always create your own messages for this condition using WebCore.

For the record: While I continue supporting this app, I no longer use SmartThings for any HA automations.


I am not able to find the"Activate Total Keypad Control" in global settings.

Am I doing somthing wrong.

everything is installed.


Neither can I!

I did found that info in the old documentation for converting from Version 1 to Version 2. That’s been replaced by the globla setting “A real or simulated Keypad is used to arm and disarm Smart Home Monitor, SHM”

Warning to users: Smart Home Monitor removed from new installations of the Classic app.

According to the thread quoted below, Smart Home Monitor and the Life360 presence sensor were removed from the Classic phone app. It was already common knowledge that routines were removed.

Note: I am able to access SHM from Classic’s dashboard page.

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Thanks for the reply. i did not see the warning it was being removed. every 12-18 months i restart my pc,tablet and phones just to get rid of all the rubbish. i thought this time i would give smartthings a seperate e-mail, so that explains everything. i used the new app for a couple of days and the intergration for phillips hue is fab. but not everything is supported yet such as my z-wave sirens so i went back to the classic app, again thanks for your reply.

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As far as I know there was no warning.

There isn’t a warning @samboy. The only reason we know is when someone, like yourself, deletes something like routines or SHM and it disappears and then they post on the forums or someone from ST posts on the forums.

You MIGHT be able to get SHM and ROUTINES back if you contact support. Being that you didn’t get the banner in the classic app asking you to migrate, they should know that the new app does not have feature parity with classic for you. It’s worth a shot if you wish to stay on the classic platform.

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Looking for some help on 8. Settings: SmartThings Home Monitor-STHM New App -> Post Installation Setup with new STP app and STHM. The second to last instruction on this section is Enable SHM Delay Modefix -> Set global setting “Mode Fix when system armed from non keypad source” to ON/TRUE. I’m not seeing this setting on the new app under Global Settings. Can someone post a screenshot or something that would help identify where this is? Thanks!

The documentation has not kept up with the smart app. This is the current modefix global setting

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. I had it working with SHM previously, after uninstall it, Samsung made it so I can’t install it and I’m trying it with the new app.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the delay profile to work. I did it in the classic app, but when I open the contact with the delay profile, it doesn’t trigger the simulated sensor to set off the alarm. I tested just the simulated sensor by itself and it does trigger the alarm.