Smart Home Monitor - Silence Alarms on Disarm

[Copy of email sent to support]

I have smart home monitor set up with a couple of sirens. The I have Home and Away routines set up to disarm and arm the SHM when my wife and I leave.

Occasionally, the iPhone presence lags somewhat and the alarm will go off when we open the door, but a second or two later the iPhone reports as present and ST changes to Home mode (which disarms the SHM). However the sirens keep going off! And this is really, really annoying to have the siren blasting while you wait for the app to load and you navigate to SHM, and dismiss the alert.

It would be great you could make SHM silence any currently active sirens upon being disarmed (as any normal security system does).

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I had the same request to support some time ago when SHM first came out. A good work around is to go into your “I’m back” routine and in the turn these switches off you can select your siren.

Yeah I’m going to have to do that. Just baffles me that there are some things that are so obviously missing from SHM (like entry and exit delays).

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Did you play around with Smart Alarm at all. I uninstalled SHM and only use Smart Alarm with Rule Machine.

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Yeah, I used to use Smart Alarm. I was trying to take advantage of the local execution of SHM (I’m on hub v2)

Me too but SHM is useless as far as I am concerned :smile:

SHM does not run locally, afaik. Or am I missing something?

missing someting :slight_smile: It does run locally. If you use this link:

You will see it listed as “Security/Alert with Sirens”

Nope. Doesn’t do it for me. I checked many times.

Yep, all devices used by the SHM routine also need to show as Local devices, and then the SHM routine will show as a local SmartApp.
I can see that when I change the devices (like Siren or Lights) to only local Devices and the other way around too.
So, I does run locally, IF you are using local devices :slight_smile:

I wish you were right, but you’re not. All my devices are listed as local.

@geko - must be something specific to you. Here’s my local smart app list, with the SHM one first.

My guess, it’s a security camera, which is ironic because the only reason I use SHM is because of the camera integration. :confused:

Oh I thought you said before that all of your devices are local… AFAIK, security cameras are not local devices. You should check your local device list to be sure.

All my sensors and sirens connected to HSM are listed as ‘local’. I figured that the security camera is the only ‘non-local’ device, so you’re right. This however, makes the “local” execution a sham, since security camera is pretty much the only feature that would make SHM useful. Everything else can be done with Smart Alarm.