Is SHM running locally now?

So the last firmware update brought local processing for parts of SHM. Can anyone confirm this is happening? Or did this feature get silently turned off?

How could we check for this?

I keep telling people, smart home monitoring did already seem to run locally. I checked by arming the system, unplugging the LAN, and tripping a motion sensor. The plug turned on as I had told it to in SHM.

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If you are using SHM, then the “parts” that run locally should be listed under your local apps, I would assume. @slagle any comments?

Local apps list:

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No idea… I don’t use it because of the unreliability issues

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Also can you use the minimote to turn off the SHM with local processing? Last thing I want is flashing light and have to rush to the hub.

Can the minimote be made to work with local processing? I thought it required third party apps to arm/disarm

I don’t believe it is.

We left yesterday, just before our hub went down from yesterday’s Cloud events. When we left, the home was automatically armed, using SHM.

We came home and it was still armed. The SHM rule that would look for all of our presence was not working. Motion sensors in the garage should have triggered our alarm events (lights on, sirens going off). Nothing happened.

When the hub was able to connect to the cloud again, it disarmed the house, sensing our presence home.

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Yes, absolutely minimote can run locally, but I have no clue what “parts” of SHM work locally…

I didnt think that smart home monitoring had any native feature to use a minimote to arm/disarm, I thought it required a smartapp? If this isnt true Ill buy one tomorrow, lol

Show LocalInstalledSmartApp

Installed Smart App Alert with Sirens
Location Home
Installed Smart App ID 72c11e8f-3ab6-4dba-ae12-fb0647124457
Date Created 6 Dec 2015 04:45:09
Last Updated 6 Dec 2015 04:45:09

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That being said, however, SHM can’t currently alert you remotely - say in an ARM AWAY situation, without cloud.

And, for me and for some others, SHM is not triggering sirens reliably or at all. So, the theory is there, the practice is another issue. I have separate rules using another app to trigger sirens, but those don’t run locally obviously.

Ok, so here is what I did.
I installed an instance of smart lighting to turn on a locally run device only when a mode changes.

That app now shows up under the locally running apps listing.

I’m not fully familiar with all of the different parts of SHM (the inner workings) but this does tell me that at least the mode changing part is now running locally.

I can confirm that changing the mode did in fact turn on the light. But since I am not at home I can’t physically remove the internet connection to test if it is truly running local. I Wil do that when I get home tonight, unless someone else does it first.

So, we need to do some basic testing using smart lighting and shm for local running on the security and mode side of the house.


Be nice to know certainly.

For SHM though, not sure how much it buys me until reliability is improved, the sirens go off every time, and, ultimately, there is an on box cellular backup option for reliable remote alerts. Glad to have SHM going local though, it’s a step in the right directly.

The child apps of SHM run locally. So this means all the “actions” run locally.


Thanks for your quick response. Is there anything else that runs locally beside SHM & Smart Light? The reason I am asking, is because I am wondering if there is a way to arm/disarm SHM if internet is down…


[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:16, topic:31798”]
Is there anything else that runs locally beside SHM & Smart Light?
[/quote]Not at the moment.

Does that mean if we set up smart lighting to change the mode it will run local?

Can we even do that?

Yep :smile:

How is that possible?