Smart home monitor - error

Hi guys! There is some issues with my smart home monitor… I’m testing a leak device that works nice … but the app don’t show any alert and just everything ok. ( please review the img) any idea??

did you setup the rule for leaks?


You have to set up the leak detection in SHM.

yes… The hub send my even a SMS to my cel phone… but no update in the smart home monitor!..

If you open Smart Home Monitor does it show “Everything OK” for leaks? Like this?

No, but take a few seconds to refresh

Ah, you have to clear that alert for it to send another alert.

It’s clear… now shows ok… but still with the “water leak”

It shows “OK” because you dismissed the incident. The sensor has to go “DRY” and then “WET” again before it will alert.

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thanks! i will try.