False alert

Hey guys, I’m getting a water leak active alarm from one of my sensors but there’s no water leak, I’ve remove all the devices and re-added them but still getting the alarm; has any one had this problem before?

did you clear the alert through Smart Home Monitor?

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I had a water leak sensor turn to a wet status a few hours ago. I cleared SHM but the sensor stayed in wet stautus. then I wet a paper towel and used it on the leak sensor in question - the sensor activated and I removed the paper towel and the sensor went back to a dry state in ST.

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What’s interesting is I had a false wet alert earlier today too, around 10:16 am mountain time. I chalked it up to being one of my DIY leak sensors, but maybe there is something more going on :thinking:

This kind of “false alert” is something I (and others) have seen before. In my case, I’ve seen it on a number of devices when I was away from the particular location. For two of these—after I concluded the device state was incorrect—I loaded a modified DTH that returned the current state of the device the next time it woke up. In both cases, the errant state returned to normal, as expected. Swapped the DTH back to the original handler and all was well.

The wet paper towel trick—or opening/closing a door or walking in front of a motion detector—causes the device state to be updated, effectively clearing the problem.

Here’s more (with links to previous observances). Good Luck!

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Everything is normal - except that it keep alerting “water leak Active”!

Exactly; mine started around about 2:29 PM Eastern Time, and it is still going off at the moment! It’s about 9:20 pm now on my end :expressionless:

Is it alerting once an hour at the same time? If so, you haven’t cleared the Smart Home Monitor alert.

No! Its sporadic!

Yeah, that’s odd. Email support support@smartthings.com

You might have some success UNINSTALLING the Smart Home Monitor SmartApp from the IDE under My Locations / location / SmartApps. … but you might also have trouble getting it re-installed.


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