Smart home monitor entry using rule machine

I was wondering if anyone has managed to create an entry alarm delay for smart home monitor, using Rule machine or any alternative SmartApp?

Smart Alarm has a delay. It can be found in Marketplace under Safety & Security.

Ok thanks. So it is better to not use the smartthings home monitor and instead, use the smart alarm app designed by Gecko?

That is what I do. I don’t have SHM installed at all. You will need to determine the best use case for what you are trying to do.

Many thanks Jamie! Great help, thank you!

Can someone let me know how i can install rule machine… im alittle confused… thank you

Scroll down to the How to Install Rule Machine section

yes i did see that… but i guess my question is what do you mean by install in the IDE…

You should install this in the IDE and Publish For Me. The second app is called Rule. This you should install in the IDE, but not publish. Rule Machine is a parent-child app, where you can create as many rules or triggers as you want, each an instance of Rule.

im not sure exactly what this step is…


You will need to setup an account. This site allows you to manage your smartapps and devices. This link is for US customers. There are different links for the EU. Once you login click ‘My Smartapps’, ‘New Smartapp’, ‘From Code’. Paste in the RAW code. You will see a button while in GitHub for the RAW code. Follow the rest of the install instructions regarding what to publish and what not to publish.