Using Rule Machine to fix SHM missing features

Has anyone used Rule machine to add entrance and exit delays to certain doors to make it more on the par with SA? If so I would appreciate any info on doing this. As I love the look of SHM but love the working of SA,

Unfortunately, Smart Home Monitor (SHM) is a “closed” portion of SmartThings and there is no API for Alerts (etc.) exposed to Community Developers; only to paid partners like Scout.

SHM is an add-on revenue path (monthly fees) for SmartThings, so I don’t expect this to change.

You can perhaps express your feature request to the Developer Advocates (@jody.albritton, @slagle).

I believe the reason it is closed is you could work around and create your own connection to an alarm monitoring service and video etc. and get around the charges.

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Absolutely correct.

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Actually, there is very little about SHM that is “closed”. Mostly having to do with the option of selecting all of the motion sensors and all of contact sensors, and a “fancy” UI.

Beyond that, cloning SHM to make something reliable would be pretty straight forward. I’ve considered doing it as an adjunct to Rule Machine.

I believe so. You have to use virtual devices for SHM, and the real devices in RM. Then the Rule handles the delay before the virtual devices flip state, triggering SHM.

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For the mass consumer market, UI is everything.

(But also, even the current arm/disarm methods used by various Community SmartApps, are officially unapproved).

Not when the siren goes off at 1 AM. How many of those who really like the cool UI would trade for a crappy SmartApp UI if the monitor app was reliable?

That’s a Devil’s choice :imp:.

Even a 100% reliable system is not going to be the path to SmartThings’s success if the average target consumer finds it too hard to use; and many such consumers will be easily swayed by competitors with flashy UIs.

OK, but a 50% reliable system is a non-starter, so it really doesn’t matter what the UI is.

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I truly love SA and everything about it but one tiny little thing that is driving me nuts. I have Leak detectors and if they get wet when my wife is washing the floor I don’t want the siren blasting. I would prefer just an sms or text. Geko is no longer developing SA, but it has everything we need but can use a few tweaks. Geko did a much better job than SHM for sure.

  1. delays on any door or doors.
  2. Can interface with IRIS keypad but that would be nice if intergrated
  3. I love that it sends push that says arming away in 45 seconds or arming stay in 45 seconds.
  4. It works great with rule machine so now my Hall light flashes when the door is opened and the system is armed.

Like I said a few tweaks needed.

  1. Leak detectors notification only with sms or text no siren
  2. A little nicer front end showing alarm status.
  3. Integrated keypad (so one Smart App could be removed)

Not a great deal to be done, and we would have something we can depend on.

I already posted, I think in reply to you in fact, how I did this with Bruce’s guidance.

Basically, create a virtual switch, that’s what shm uses as the “door” sensor. Create a rule in RM that has a delay action of however long you want, then via custom commands, it triggers the virtual switch open then close after the real sensor triggers plus the delay.

I have mine set to 15 seconds or something, so when I open the door I have 15 seconds to disarm. I have two rules that auto disarm based on other criteria though, and it was a forced delay to make sure those have enough time to happen.

Edit: This would easily work to give time to get to the Iris and put in my code. Using the delay in Lock Manger works to set the code and have it arm 30 seconds after for exit.

Edit 2: Found the original post, wasn’t directed at you, just associated it as such in my mind. And this one is more detailed. Let me know if this is what you wanted and need help with the custom commands, took some effort (of Bruce’s) to get me straight on that.

I think I remember that. But actually the only thing that I would need now is a way to prevent the siren going off in SA when a leak is discovered and just send a text or SMS. SA needs to be modified to support this, but I am not a programmer. I just wish SA would continue instead of lying stagnant. I understand @geko and why he discontinued development and he is correct. He feels that SHM is going to be the dominant security app and he feels he is wasting is good time. I was hoping someone else would pick up the project. I guess to much to ask. And of course @Geko has to give the OK for this.

Can you just do a RM rule to notify you if that sensor(s) goes off, and exclude it from SA?

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I guess I could go that way, but the way things have degraded I am trying to keep one program for one purpose, that is why I wish SA would be continued. It is such a great app and laying waste while ST sits on their buts developing nothing. I just think this is just a cash issue and SHM will be for the integration of Scout and other alarms. I guess I am asking a lot from people to continue SA which might or might not be dead.

I know it’s a lot more initial work, and not as cohesive/simple/pretty, but I’m seriously considering moving all my SHM stuff to RM like some others here have. I get where you are coming from though.

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I am adding options for the alarm off for leaks just for you keep checking my thread here.

as for number 2. I already did that … see my thread.

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I will be doing that, thanks. Glad someone is trying to get a vibal system working.

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I’ve done an entry delay using RM and the device handler created by Kevin for the Aeon siren. I have 30 seconds of “beeps” before the alarm goes off when the alarm is tripped in Away mode. Was not too hard to do, but it requires some work with virtual switches.

I have a few other ideas I’m working on as well. I’ll be picking up the Iris keypad this weekend, and I’m trying to think of ways to use it to configure an exit delay. It may require some routines and additional modes.

I think Rule Machine Rules, but I think someone that knows programing should modify SA for our needs as it is 99% done.