I have a number of rules set up in Rule machine but now not functioning correctly

Now that Rule machine is gone my version is throwing errors and some rules no longer function. I have version Version 1.9.0a 25 Mar 2016 but the live logging says I should update to version 1.6 or above. This doesn’t make sense. I have a rule for High Temperature in my attic. if >120 send a SMS and Push to my phone I choose the device which is a ST Multi sensor. But High Temperature shows up in live logging at 85 degrees. I am so confused as why it isn’t working! Anyone have any ideas?

its not just Rule Machine. I have several apps that will not update on triggers when they should.

Rule machine is gone? Is that a true statement? I have been using it to create new rules as recently as yesterday. My rules are firing off as they should. I am having some trouble with SmartThings not detecting my changes in presence appropriately, but the rules themselves seem to be fine.

My rules fail to fire when the SmartThings presence seems to be in conflict around the app. After I leave my geofence, I will sometimes see that the Dashboard ‘Home & Family’ says I am present, but then drilling to the ‘Right Now’ screen will show I am not present. The rules and routines (Rule Machine, Routines automations on presence, and Routine Director) will behave as though I have not left. Even when my SmartThings app is running in the background, it will fail to detect a “not present” state, but if I bring the app to the foreground, it is usually a matter of a couple of minutes before it straightens out.

This is extremely irritating, as it would actually be more important to me for my “not present” rules to fire, then the ones when I get home. Conversely I do not seem to be having much of an issue on return, as it seems to regularly get that right.

I use an iPhone 6s on iOS 9.3.1, and I am certain the phone is reporting location correctly. I have other routines that fire through IFTTT on presence, and those are working reliably. I think my next course of action will be to create a virtual momentary switch, and implement an iOS presence recipe in IFTTT that will hit that switch when I leave. Then momentary switch can fire off a rule. I think it will be more reliable.

It’s only not accessible for anyone that doesn’t already have the code, and it’s not distributable due to the license. If you have it installed you are fine to modify and use it for personal use.

Yeah definitely not just rule machine. My smartthings routines like good morning just fired in my house… Even though it’s set to just weekdays.

Angry wife mode is on

Oh that’s a bummer for anyone that doesn’t have it. I love Rule Machine. I assume that also means that there is no further development on it?

There were some earlier versions that had an apache 2.0 license that could potentially have development continued, but I don’t know if anyone has or is willing to take up the challenge since doing so would directly conflict with what the creators intentions for the project are.

There are alternatives out there like smart lighting and @obycode’s Smart rules (if you have an ios device)