Why need rule and rule machine smartapps together?

Why do you need rule and rule machine smartapps together? Trying to install one asks for the other.

Also when I go into my smartapps I see them both and they both seem to do the same thing with same options.


One is a parent app, one is a child app. Both are required but you should only need to install rule machine in your mobile app.

Ok thanks, how do I do that? Install only 1 on my iPhone app as at the moment I see both.


complete and through instructions are included at the beginning of the main rule machine post.

Thanks read through, some makes sense!

So when using smartapps to add rules etc do you goto MyHome>SmartApps as I can see only “Rule Machine” there, whereas if I goto Marketplace>MyApps I see both “Rule Machine” and “Rule”. Is where you add/modify etc in MyHome>SmartApp.


That’s correct. You’ll create the rules in My Home>>SmartApps>>RuleMachine. And you just leave the ones in Marketplace alone.

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