Smart Home Monitor doesn’t work in classic app?

Folks, I’ve been using the classic app for the “smart home monitor” functionality, setting the alarm status manually and by using “routines”. I noticed a few days ago that the alarm no longer works on the classic app. When testing the alarm to simulate a break-in, instead of tripping the siren and notifying my cell, what happens instead is nothing. The instant I trip a sensor, message pops up that the hub is offline. This has been going on for days.

I downloaded the new app, and the alarm actually works on the new app. But the problem is that the functionality of the new app is limited. No routines, no video camera support.

So my question is - did Samsung cease support for ‘smart home monitor’ on the classic app? And if not, does anyone have a clue what could be causing my issue?


I would suggest contacting smartthings support. Hub offline whenever a sensor triggers is not normal.