Smart Home Monitor: Custom Rule Question

I have already set up my Armed Away and Armed Home settings and actions. I have a motion detector on my porch and want another security rule setup so that when it detects motion it will turn on the back lights. I only want this to run when the system is either Armed Away or Armed Home. When setting up the custom monitor rules, there is not option for when the system is armed only to for when in the Hub is in a certain Mode.

Is there a way to set up the custom monitor rule to only run when I am in one of the armed security modes?


You might be able to do this in smart lighting. If not, you can use webcore!

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I know I must be missing something here, but you can set which lights to come on when there is an intrusion. If the porch motion sensor is part of the SHM sensors then you can set the back lights to come on when there is an intrusion, and that would only happen with the system armed.

What parameter did I miss?

I think the OP is saying he wants one light to come on, and nothing else, when that one motion sensor is tripped while SHM is armed.

What you suggest would cause any other alert actions to be taken as well, sirens, other lights, etc.

As mentioned above, WebCoRE can probably do this.

Yes Mark that is right.

I have my armed away set to trigger on the door sensors and the indoor motion sensors, the armed home triggers on just the door sensors. When either is triggered they will turn on all lights, text me, and sound the siren. I am wanting to also have a motion detector in the back turn on the back lights and notify me. Mostly as a deterrent and to let me know if somebody is back there. I do not want it to turn all lights on or sound the siren because it is often that there could be somebody just spraying my yard, and I do not need the alarm going off scaring the shit out of my cats for no reason. So basically what I am wanting it is for security monitor to allow you to set up multiple rules. Thanks for the tip on WebCoRE. I had not know that it had come out. When I set up my system I kept reading about the rules engine that existed, but you could no longer download it. I will give it a try when I get a chance to set it up.

Yeah, that’s rule machine. I actually still have a working instance of it installed in my IDE and it works fine for me.

I haven’t tried CoRE or WebCoRE as a result, but I’ve only heard increasingly positive things as that smartapp’s development has progressed. You should definitely check it out.

May or may not help but I have something similar using Smart Lighting except I set it to sunset to sunrise since I figured that would make the most sense…when it’s dark and there is motion turn on the light. This way it works whether I remember to arm or not.

Smart Lighting for sure. I use multiple of these using indoor motion sensors and outdoor Arlo cameras to trigger lights inside and out but only during certain times of the night as well as some automatic routines only if I’m away from home

Smartlighting is fine for certain triggers or conditions. For anything smartlighting can’t do, WebCoRE is a great option.