Adding modes under Smart Home Monitor?


Is there a way to add additional modes (other than the defaults of away, home, disarmed) under the Smart Home Monitor? I tried the Custom rules section but I see no way to trigger it other than by time which doesn’t really work for me. Basically I want to create multiple home scenarios. For example, when in the backyard or when working in the garage. The default home one would be used when I’m actually in the house.



Unfortunately, no. What you are referring to are “smart home monitor armed states,” and you only get the three that come with the system, armed away, armed home, and disarmed.

“Modes” in SmartThings are actually something entirely different, and are used to control when home automation rules run. You can have as many of those as you want, but they won’t trigger your smart home monitor alerts.

See the following thread (this is a clickable link)

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Yea I understand that the overall ST modes are different from the SHM states. So how do I do what I want with multiple alarm/security/monitored states (or whatever you want to call it) for when at home? Or is that not possible with ST?

You can’t add more smart home monitor armed states, but it depends on the exact outcome that you want to have each time as to whether you can make it happen in another way.

If what you want is to have a different set of sensors trigger in each situation, you can do that with custom alerts and smart home monitor.

But it really comes down to the exact details. Can you be specific about what would be different when you were in the garden and when you were in the house?

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I think I got it. I was basically looking for certain sensors to still be active while I’m home. For example, if I’m working in the garage I’d still want certain sensors around the house to be on so I’d know if I got a delivery or if someone was at the front door yet I’d want all the garage door sensors to be disabled so I wouldn’t get notified to death every time I moved from one garage to another. Same thing for the backyard. I want to halt notifications on the doors leading to the yard but still have the garages and gates at the front of the property secured. Anyway, what I ended up doing is using SHM away for when I’m away/asleep with all sensors used and a siren as one of the notifications. For more complicated scenarios like the garage I created a custom rule and a new mode to activate it with a routine and that seems to work pretty well. I’ll probably add presence down the road to make things a little more seamless but this is a good start.

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