Smart Home Monitor - change bulb color on Disarm?

I have setup SHM to alert me with Specific color (RED) on certain bulbs when a perimeter is breached when the alarm is turned on or when smoke is detected in our Nest Protects.

Now when i disarm the system or acknowledge the alert, the last known color on the bulb is still RED and when we try to turn on the lamps in the evening, they assume the last known color

Is there a way to turn colors on bulb back to white/yellow or last known when an SHM alert is acknowledged ?


You’re asking for something different than the Topic Title:

  • SmartApps (like ActionTiles and webCoRE) can be notified and take actions when you Arm/Arm Stay/Disarm SHM.
  • SmartApps cannot be notified by of alerts from SHM or dismissed within SHM. There is no API into SHM notifications.
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something in webcore like, if lightbulb color is red and turned off, then set color to yellow and turn off

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thanks. i’ll look into that…

I’m a huge fan of webcore, once it’s installed it quite easy and fast. The automation possibilities are infinite compared to smartthings system apps. I typically create pistons from a template, and make a simple one to practice like if mode is home then (action>living room light>turn on). Just to get your bearings.

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