When smart home monitor is armed turn on light

Is there app to - When smart home monitor is armed turn on light. Or when disarmed take some action.

Sure, it’s called Rule Machine. See here: Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

You can use a trigger fired by a state change in SHM, and then have a defined action or actions you want to happen.


I have little different requirement.

When some one activates Stay , Away or disarm in SHM manually (from app) I want to turn on hue light.

Rule machine does not have SHM trigger also SHM does not trigger any app either if I am not wrong.

Rule Machine does have both triggers and rules triggered off of a change of SHM state, no matter how you set the SHM state. (Rule Machine can also set the SHM alarm state, arm, disarm, etc.) And it can turn on Hue and set the color.

Rule Machine is independent of SHM, but can be triggered by its alarm state change. This works for both triggers (which you want) and rules (which you don’t need for this use). See below:


Thank you so much. !!! it’s great app.

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This is exactly the thing I’m looking for, but Rule Machine must have changed. I have “Define Conditions”, not “Define Triggers”, and the closest I can get is a mode change. That means a manual adjustment to SHM wouldn’t trigger the rule.

Does Rule Machine not work with SHM directly any longer?

It still does. You can use SHM state as a Condition or Trigger event. If you had a trigger event of
Smart Home Monitor becomes disarmed, for example, that would trigger when you manually disarmed SHM.

Figured it out by going through your Rule Machine forum- Somehow I had a version from Nov. 2015, before SHM was integrated in December.


I use rule machine to indicate SHM status. If armed, a hue turns red. If disarmed, hue turns green. The hue is on top of the living room entertainment center shining ip on the ceiling. Nice gentle indicator.

I don’t want to the bloke who says “you don’t want to do that”, but…

…from a security point of view it’s not considered good practice to have a visual indication of whether an alarm is armed or not. In fact, here in the UK, it’s prohibited from alarms that are connected to a call centre for police response. Not even an LED on the panel. I realise that might not apply where you live, but the basic principle is a sound one.

Just something to bear in mind.


How about on your home alarm control panel? Are you allow to have any indication at all? Also is it the same for automotive alarm as well? Over here in North America. Well… You know we will do the opposite :smile:

Nope. I was surprised about that, and asked the alarm company. They told me that on a dumb alarm it’s fine, but for a connected alarm with police response it’s now forbidden (it was allowed in the past).

By BWM has a flashing light when the alarm is set, but that’s not connected to the Police!

It’s really annoying, because as there’s nothing to detect it’s not easy to do “if alarm set” home automation stuff.