Smart HDMI Switch?

I know this was covered seven years ago… but seven years have passed. A somewhat whimsical application idea:

My Bravia ARC is connected to the Denon. This is great most of the time. But… right now I have a YouTube fireplace going. I also have an FM classical radio station going.

If I want to hear the ‘crackling’ of the fireplace as well as my choice of music, I have to unplug the HDMI cable from the TV ARC port. What would be great would be to have a smart switch, so I can voice (or programmatically via ST) command it to disconnect when I want both the AVR and the TV audio.

I see some options on the market. I am wondering who has recently utilized such switches, which ones you’ve tried, and what your result has been.

I just use one that has an IR remote and then use an IR blaster to switch it. i used to do this with a Harmony hub, now I do it with a SwitchBot hub 2. But there are lots of IR blasters available now. :sunglasses:

The SwitchBot/SmartThings integration works fine for this.

Not sure what’s going on with matter: originally SwitchBot said it would support up to three IR devices via Matter, but now they say IR devices don’t yet work with the Matter bridge option. :thinking: i use mine with the regular nonMatter option because I’ve had it set up for a while.