Any thoughts on using SmartThings to control an HDMI matrix coupled with a whole home audio solution?

I am currently installing a HEOS audio solution for my father and will be doing the same in my house. Originally I was okay with just he audio for me - having all of the equipment downstairs and running IR to the living room. Each additional bedroom, kitchen, etc was controlled by a HEOS superlink and amp (just a L/R channel) for music.

Now I am interested in having something a bit more sophisticated, less remotes, less button clicking, multiple sources to multiple TVs, etc. My father’s house gave me the inspirations, evidently he assume he could play his sources for every tv through whatever speakers he wanted. Oops. I don’t want my step wife plugging and unplugging cables in the closet so I simply told him no, and am using two receivers for the master bedroom and living room to control multiple inputs via the Dennon remote, Tv is turned on with the sony/samsung remote.


Anyone thought to use RS-232 drivers like you can with Control4 and integrate something like this HDMI matrix into smart things? (

Ideally I could use a program for tile on a tablet and change channels via IR, have some favorite channels, and power on all the devices via IR from one tablet, potentially getting an IR controller controlled via RS-232 as well.

I would probably spend less money and time buying used Control4 equipment and using a college who is a dealer to program it, but I am curious none-the-less. My personal experience with Control4 is that it is extremely expensive for what it offers - that or my buddy sucks as a dealer/ installer.