Smart Garage Door Opener

What would you guys suggest. I have a standard garage door with the button you push to open it. I would like to control it with the switch on the wall but you guys would probably know the best way to attack this. No right or wrong answer here just your opinions. Thanks.

Thanks for your help/advice

Country: USA

Yes simple one button push I actually have 2 garage doors both 1 button next to each other I would like to be able to automate both of them.

Model Numbers:

  1. This is the door I open the most
    Model: PMX300IC/B
    Owners Manual Download Page

  2. I hardly open this door but still would like to automate it.
    Model: H4000-07/M
    Owners Manual Download Page

The Linear/GoControl zwave device is on the “Official works with smartthings” list and is very popular. It includes a separate tilt sensor so the door can communicate “closing” status as well as “closed.” It’s UL listed, sold at both Lowe’s and Home Depot, and typically cost around $90 although you can sometimes get it for less on sale.

Check with them to make sure your specific garage door models are compatible, but most are unless they have MyQ built into them rather than as an add-on.
The same device is sold under multiple brand names, but they’re all the same model, just in a different box.

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