Another Garage Door Controller question


I’ve been reading through the various posts about the different options for controlling garage doors, I had been using a LFM-20 for several years, and it finally crapped out on me. I just paired it with an open/close sensor I had mounted on the garage and side of garage when the contact broke it would be open.

In reading, it appears most are going with the Linear/Go Control that used to be sold at lowes. (I’m still kicking myself I didn’t buy a couple when they went on sale.) Question is, does this still seem to be the best way to go, or is there something cheaper that will work?

I tried a My Q, and it just seems like a lot of extra stuff I don’t need when it comes to the extra app all the crazy beeping etc. I know that there are some new safety issues and codes to work with, but just trying to get something simple and somewhat cheap, (knowing those darn things were $30 at lowes).

Here’s what is important:

Would like to be able to control it via smartthings.
Would like to be able to control it via alexa
If after a certain time, would like to get alerted.

These are all things I had before with a combo of the zwave relay and webcore, and I’m much happier just using those rather than a 3rd party app etc. Anyone have suggestions if another relay would be a good choice, or have a gocontrol just lying around they’d want to trade for some WeMo switches?


You have a couple of options:.

  1. MyQ is an option as you said and that works best with the Digital MyQ devices and requires a MyQ Gateway device or a built in gateway in your garage door controller.

You can check the compatibility of your garage door controller with these devices from this post:

These are fairly reliable devices, the battery lasts between 5-10 years but the require a stable power connection, a UPS is recommended is you have power fluctuations at your place.

You can also build you own garage door controller fairly easily with a contact sensor and a relay and add on more stuff like beepers, motion sensors etc to make is more feature rich/compliant with local regulations with this Virtual Garage Door solution (see the second post for a list of device you can use to put it together):

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