Garage Door Automation W/Relay and Appliance Plug

I have been researching various ways to automate the opening and closing of my garage door and finally decided on the hardware I am going to use to control this.

  1. Smartthings plug outlet
  2. 007 Systems RM10 Relay
  3. Smartthings multi-sensor (as a tilt sensor)

I have found a smartapp that might possibly work with this configuration, but I was wondering what the best way was to control the outlet to act as a momentary vs. an on/off switch? when you use that in the routine? Perhaps it will be more apparent when I install, but was just looking to see if anyone has any suggestions or setups that have worked well for them using similar hardware.

Basically, the switch needs to trigger on to activate the relay which simulates a button push, but I believe it has to return itself to the off position to be ready for the next simulated button push command. I’m hoping this is built in to the app that I found on the forum, but won’t know until I install it.

Any suggestions, advice or guidance based on experiences would be greatly appreciated!

I just want to mention that hotwiring a garage door, which is essentially what you’re doing when you just put it on a relay, does introduce some potential safety issues. If by any chance you are a landlord of any kind, including if you offer any part of your home through Airbnb, this can be a very significant liability.

It’s Generally easier and in fact sometimes less expensive to just get the Linear/go control Z wave garage door controller. This is UL listed, it includes the UL required safety features for out of sight garage door operation, and you can frequently get it for $89. Often even less on sale. Home Depot and Lowe’s will both carry it, so their coupons will also apply. Best Buy also carries it in many stores. And it includes its own tilt sensor so you don’t have to buy an additional device.

It’s Also on the official “works with smartthings” list, so support can help you with it.

Nortek is one of the largest manufacturers of Z wave devices in the US. They sell their devices under many different brand names, including linear, go control, two gig, Iris, Nutone, etc. it’s all the same device, it just has a different name plate on it and it is put in a different box. And it will have the same model number, just with a different suffix to indicate which box it goes with.

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Follow @JDRoberts advice and get the officially supported SmartThings control solution.

You will save yourself a lot of headache because you won’t need to find an app that creates a virtual garage door out of the relay and motion/tilt sensor. This DIY solution was necessary with v1 of the hub, but there was an app to help since there was not a commercially available Z-wave or Zigbee garage door opener.

The other advantage to the GoControl is that opener acts as a repeater and is already paired with the tilt sensor.

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