Smart Control on washing machines vs Thin Q

I have a samsung washer dryer recently purchased, looking at the features in the store it seemed it would be a lot a easier to control or add features and cycle in comparison to LG my previous washing machine. But Smart things even with smart control does not show all features of the washing machine on the app like on washing machine i can add pre wash, or intense as features but the smart things app only shows bubble soak and dry, unlike thin Q which showed all the options. I don’t know how to pass on this feedback to the Smarthings team to bring the functionality at par with the competition, heck LG even allows to download new cycles.

I found thinQ has lots of limits, especially on the fridge and it doesn’t work with IFTTT nor ST, so a simple thing like saying the wash is done can’t be readily done unless you have thingq?

Samsung lets you download one of 5 cycles at a time, + you can use laundry recipe to make your own cycle

any guide on doing that, i still cannot add “Pre-wash” or “Intensive” to the “Cotton” cycle from the app, that needs to be done no the machine.

Also, there is no option to add Steam, only a steam mode.

If you don’t find a certain cycle, you can create your own in “My Favorite”

but pre-wash and intensive are not even an option to add in my cycle, that is why i mentioned that smart things is broken