Smartthings Washing machine

Yeah i know… zzzz - washing machine

But wait, the Smartthings integration to a Samsung Smartthings enabled washing machine is actually really good, the ST integration has a different look and feel to the rest of the app, for the better

It even makes washing easier for us users who are not normaly allowed near such complex devices, which im still not but i am allowed to watch the status of the wash… hazaa

Who knew !!

(I must get out more yeah i know)

I have integrated my dishwashing machine into the smart things platform.

Features I use

  • smart delayed start, I just close the door with the detergent and the wash starts at 4:25 am. Now the dishes are clean and warm right before breakfast. No need to calculate the delay and deal with the stupid dishwasher panel.

  • notifications and estimates, you can see on your phone which cycle and estimated end time.

the official integration has power consumption and price estimation, depending on the region. manuals, and maintenance guides in the app

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