Selecting A Security Camera Setup

Hey everyone,
I’ve been looking for a while to try and track down the best camera setup for smartthings.

Wireless Connection to a hub or basestation
Powered Connection (No batteries)
24/7 Recording
Motion Detection with notifications that can be sent to smartthings
Wireless viewing/streaming (does not have to be through ST as this integration usually doesn’t work too well)

So really what I want is cameras that record all the time, notify me when it’s night time or away, allow me to trigger lights with motion detection and wireless viewing. Is there anything out there that works for this? The smartthings integration could be done through IFTTT if required but ideally would be right to smartthings. I have been using Arlo and Arlo Pro’s but there’s no way to do 24-7 recording with the outdoor cams which is a dealbreaker for me. Unless someone has a way to do that or Netgear changes their tune I can’t use the Arlo’s. Any ideas?

I would reccomend foscam and blue iris. @RBoy makes a smart app for foscam that allows you to use its mosion sensing to be used with ST.


I was researching and I think I will use the foscams. They seem to be well rated, relatively inexpensive while still actually having the features I want. Do you know if it’s possible to have more than 4 wireless cams on one DVR or do I just need to buy a second set? Would be nice to have all the recordings on one drive as opposed to 2 if I wanted say 6 cams.

Blue iris is a good route then. You can run it on a PC and save the files to the HD or an external HD. On top of all that blue iris works with almost all cameras.

What is blue iris exactly?

Doesn’t the DVR that comes with the Foscam automatically record when the cameras are armed? What’s the need for additional software?

Sorry I mean more, what is the purpose?

It can be used with cameras other than foscam and you don’t need to use a box so you have less “things” to deal with. You can read about it more from people who use it by searching it here in the forums. Blue iris can be integrated into smart things as well.

Have you used it with the wireless foscams?

I personally have not because I’m waiting to get a new PC before I do so. But I have read about it a lot on here and its deffinetly the route I’m going to choose. Especially because I already have a few cameras made by different people.