QLED 2018 ambient mode on Q9

Got the tv installed yesterday and then downloaded the smart thing app. When I open ambient mode on the app it doesn’t seem to work well. Can take the picture to make a custom background. App keeps on saying unable to align the borders of the TV. Also not able to open the ambient mode on the app to load more pictures as the app keeps on showing that circle of app loading without doing anything…

Since it’s brand new, the Best thing would be to contact Samsung support for the television.

This forum is primarily for people using the Samsung home automation platform, and most of us are still using the SmartThings Classic app which doesn’t work with the television at all, so you probably won’t get many replies here.

I am having the same exact issue. Spoke with the SmartThings folks and they were unable to help. I have been on the phone for two days nearly 6 hours. The end of the conversation today was to contact my ISP. I am able to align the screen but cannot load the background picture I take. I am using and IPhone, my TV is the Q7. It is on the right network and my SmartThings can see my TV I just can’t upload to it.

Not only am I not able to customize the background, the ambient mode on iPhone app dose not work at all. Can’t load any photos. If you spent 6 hrs on phone to try to resolve it, don’t even feel like calling them…trying to decide what to do at this time…
One of the main reason to buy this TV was the ambient mode

Why are you calling SmartThings for help with a feature on a Samsung TV that’s completely unrelated to SmartThings?

As JD said, call Samsung, not SmartThings.

Feature on this TV are unfortunately only controlled via SmartThings

Has anyone found a fix to this issue??? I have an iPhoneX and a QN75Q8FN. Super frustrating…

No I can even go to this stage. Smarthnings app crashes when I open ambient mode. I have called and talked to support from smartthings and yesterday I was told that they don’t have any solution for now. Things are escalated to HQ to Korea. I am thinking of returning my TV

It’s very common for Tech this new to have these little bumps. The TV is still phenomenal… I have a few industry friends I’ll ask today. If I can get something I’ll let you know!

This is still an outstanding issue (unfortunately not a little bump like the last post) - you can’t use the much-touted/advertised Ambient mode features with an iphone… very disappointing when none of the marketing material or T&Cs say it is limited to Android…

Samsung support today told me it’s basically because of Apple: “…it is a limitation set on iOS itself. We have no control over the restrictions set on iOS phones because it is not a limitation on the Smart Things app itself…”

Hi there. Have you managed to find a fix? I’m having the same issue - the app won’t load pics from the phone - just get the spinning circle.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and still no joy.

Would be great to get an update on your situation :+1:

Hello Everyone, I spent hours and days even troubleshooting this issue. I was on the phone with Samsung forever. Finally, exasperated, I used my Navy sailor sense and fixed the problem! (SAMSUNG, I expect reimbursement).

When you are setting up for your ambient background mode upload, NOTHING ELSE CAN BE PLUGGED INTO THE BOX, except for the TV.

Once you get the background picture loaded you can plug everything in. I don’t know if this is by design or a work around but there you have it. I hope this keeps you all from pulling out your hair.

I did figure it out and I posted the update in the forum. Good Luck

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The problem I am having is with the SmartThings app on the iPhone X. When it tries to get photos it just stalls at the spin wheel.

No other solution appears to be working right now.

Anyone got any ideas? Please?

Purchased my Samsung Q90T 55" 2 days ago. Have the SmartThings app, using it on my iPhone XR.
The problem i am having is not being able to upload photos (Ambient mode - My Album - Select photos), i receive a message saying ‘ERROR, An error occurred with your mobile and TV devices.’
I spent three hours the first evening on Samsung live chat resetting the TV smart hub, deleting and reinstalling the SmartThings app many times, nothing worked. He said that completing these things usually solved the problem.
He suggested i borrow an android phone and try that, which I completed yesterday, still unable to load photos. I have been in contact with Samsung live chat for the third day running, I am waiting for another adviser to get back to me to see if they have any ideas. In the meantime they asked me to contact SmartThings support. I have sent them an email explaining everything and am waiting for their reply.
I thought someone in the smartThings Community may be able to help. I have disconnected the sound-bar so there is nothing attached to the tv (Steven_Pochop’s suggestion for uploading ambient mode background…although i can upload the background photo).
If anyone has an idea I would be grateful to hear, otherwise the TV will be heading back to John Lewis on Saturday. They have said they will replace it this once, but if it happens on the next tv i will have to go direct to Samsung. I purchased this TV as I wanted to upload photos so they could be viewed during the day rather than a black screen - The TV just does not do what it claims to!
Please help!!