Smart button local processing (UK)

I have several Ikea smart buttons but apparently they do not support local processing, so I need to find some other smart button that works when my internet connection is down?

What smart buttons work well with Smarthings and support local processing? …and are available in the UK.

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I am using several SmartThings buttons which run locally and work well. Unfortunately, as with all Samsung hardware, they are no longer available. An Aeotec replacement is coming. Can’t speak to UK availability, though.

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I would also be interested, as all my ikea 2 button “dimmers” are out of action due to the battery drain bug. My criteria are
a) available in UK
b) local execution now that device monitoring and automations are handled locally
c) more than one function (the ikea buttons have two buttons, each with short press and long press, meaning it can effectively control 4 functions/devices)

Ideal scenario, ikea button battery drain issue is fixed and updated to execute locally in ST, both of which I can see happening but unfortunately not soon

Vesternet has the Aeotec/SmartThings buttons in stock

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