Any 5button remotes similar to ikea one that works locally

I’ve all but given up with the ikea ones because of the battery drain issue. Is there anything else out there similar, that works locally?


Zooz Zen32

Thanks. Should have said, one that doesn’t require hardwired.

The battery of my Ikea 5 button remote last for year, could it be your device have issue?

No, it’s a known issue with a lot of these ikea buttons.

Not aware of a 5 button, but Aeotec has a couple 4 button controllers

They look great. Can’t seem to see them anywhere in the Uk. :pensive:

For the UK, Vesternet has them.

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Lots of 4 button options in UK.
For example -

I use these -

Working locally with Edge driver.
They’re USB charged, so no need to keep replacing batteries.

And then replace some of the tiles with the lighting pack from Candeo Modmote Interchangeable Button Tiles – Candeo

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Thank you all. Actually quite a few to chose from.

Which edge driver works with those.
I may try this one.


Button-battery driver from here -

The battery component doesn’t report correctly, I assume because this driver is purposed for button/watch batteries, where as the device I mentioned above has a built in battery. Everything else works great.

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I can’t agree with this 100%. I have few Ikea remotes using same battery since last April. :thinking:

Go and have a search on here for ikea draining batteries.

I have a 5 button Ikea remote on 74% after a year on a dth.

That’s great.

Something changed last week that seems to have broken several ikea buttons for some people.

Appears to be specific to the V3 hubs.

I have V3 hub and no change for me, so far.

Something is always breaking lol.

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Someone from ST has acknowledged the problem and it’s being worked on.