LIFX Stopped Working

Hi Team,

Has anyone else been experiencing issues with LIFX bulbs? Mine have both stopped working with a grey ? icon instead of the usual green one.

Live logging shows the below - although that didn’t really give much away. Is OAuth down again or something?

7ec8e67-e7d6-4664-aaa1-ad89031946dc 10:39:58 AM: debug Data: [product:[company:LIFX, name:Original 1000, capabilities:[has_variable_color_temp:true, has_color:true], identifier:lifx_original_a21], brightness:0.4, id:d073d50140ea, location:[id:f6091860e7519c6142055e90f7fe8a7d, name:My Home], color:[saturation:0.0, kelvin:3000, hue:0.0], connected:false, power:off, label:Living Room Table, uuid:02a0931a-37f5-4247-bd36-009c4bccde24, last_seen:2015-12-10T00:29:59.000+00:00, group:[id:561007f294c26beb65cf057f6bf6329b, name:My Living Room], seconds_since_seen:36599.125579511]

There was an email last night about possible hub issues - who knows what else could be affected. My LIFX bulb is working this morning.

What you describe (bulb showing offline in SmartThings) has happened once before, for me. It corrected itself when I physically toggled power on the LIFX bulb.

Thanks @Dan999. I saw that notification and followed the instructions to reboot the hub. I will physically toggle power on the bulbs and see if that helps. Nice one.