Smart bouton Philips hue aide plz (🇫🇷)

Bonjour bonsoir , aucun pilotes edge ne fonctionne
Pour mon smart bouton Philips hue une idée

Merci d’avance

If you have it connected to a hue hub, I believe it can come in through the matter integration if you want to use that method. But then you lose some of the other features you normally have for the lights. :thinking:

Otherwise, there is a community-created edge Driver which can bring in the button if it is connected to a hue bridge without losing any functionality, but the setup is a little complicated. You can read about that in the following thread.

[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

Several people have posted about attempts to get a hue button to work without a connection to the hue bridge, but so far I haven’t seen anyone be successful in that approach. :disappointed_relieved: hopefully if someone does have it working, they will post.


D’accord super merci du retour
C’est dommage c’est un super bouton

Sinon un bouton a me conseiller en zigbee z-wave ?

( En tous qu’à merci sa fait 5 jour que je batailler avec se bouton )

There are quite a few other buttons that can work with smartthings, but we do need to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary. :thinking:

Also, I believe you said in your other thread that you have a v3 Hub, correct? Which model? Z wave is on different frequencies in different regions, so there are some buttons that will work with an EU version of the V3 that would not work with the North American version.

. :us::canada::uk::fr:

Merci de vous réponse rapide et bien expliquer
Nous sommes de France

Un bouton fiable c’est pour créé une routine avec notification et lumière qui s’allume dans la chambre parentales , quand notre fils appuie sur le bouton
Qui se trouve dans sa chambre ( notre fils 5 ans et malade
C’est pour pouvoir me prévenir )

C’est le hub V3 aeotec Europe

Ok, you should have quite a few choices in France. Since your son is five years old, do we have to worry about him putting the button in his mouth? Or taking out the battery? Are you going to attach it to a table or the wall to help prevent that?

Non c’est un petit garçon très sérieux pour sont age
Il c’est que le bouton c’est en qu’à d’urgence ( il serait fixé au mur a la place du smart bouton Philips)
Il fait des grosse crise d’asthme , il mais rien a la bouche
Il retire pas les piles mĂŞme si il adore le bricolage
Et la domotique tous les petite installation de la maison il m’a aidé

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I like this button because it’s bigger and not as likely to get lost. It uses zigbee, and it will work with smartthings. It comes in a choice of colours: blue, red, white, or yellow, at about €20 each. I use these in my own home. The product description will mention their own hub, but you can also use it directly with your V3 hub. I use one of the red ones as a panic button, which will turn on an emergency signal light in my housemate’s room, for example.élécommande-concentrateur-compatible-SmartThings/dp/B0C2HLQ62L/

Otherwise, the Aeotec zigbee button should be a good choice. I didn’t see it at Amazon France, but you can find it at other sites. When I checked today, Vesternet had it in stock.

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I do want to say that also I personally do not find Smartthings to be reliable enough for any emergency equipment. (And the company says so themselves in the terms of service You agree to when you first setup your smartthings account.) so it would worry me if that were the only way your son had of letting you know there was an emergency. But to use it as a second or even third system for convenience can be a good idea.

(as you may already know, for example, the entire smartthings cloud platform was down for several hours for most of Europe one day this week. But there are lots of other little outages quite frequently, or glitches in the system. SmartThings is a very versatile system with an app that many people like a lot, but it is not the most reliable system available. :man_shrugging:t2:)

(I myself have some serious health issues. I use a wheelchair and cannot use my hands very much. So for me Home Automation is much more than just a convenience. So I may be oversensitive on this point.)

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Merci beaucoup je pense partir sur le 1er que je trouve vraiment sympa jaune

Vous m’avais vraiment bien aidé et conseils c’est vraiment gentil d’avoir pris de votre temps pour m’aider

Le bouton jaune a l’air sympa et plus facile a trouver la nuit thanks you !!!

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Here is the link to the yellow one at Amazon France:

Je trouve aussi que la domotique peut vraiment aidé
Les personnes en difficulté
Pour pas trop cher

Parsque vu le prix des installations médical professionnel c’est de l’abus

La petite soeur de ma femme et handicapé avec un syndrome très rare qui a fait une petite mutation de l’ADN et c’est vraiment abusé niveau tarif

Ma belle mère fait des pied et des mains pour avoir des s’aide mais vu que c’est très très rare il y a aucune association en France et parlons même pas du gouvernement français qui fait rien pour arranger les choses… enfin se monde tourne a l’envers des fois

J’ai une solution en parallèle (home assistant qui tourne H24 sur batterie de secours)

Je me suis tourné vers smartthings pour la simplicité d’utilisation pour ma famille qui trouve sa plus simple

That makes sense. I think many people find that their families prefer the smartthings app.

I hope things go well for you and your family. My sister had asthma when she was a child, but she did grow out of the symptoms as an adult.

My cousin, now 34, has had asthma all her life, and still carries an inhaler. But she has had a good and happy life, is married with a one-year-old baby, and makes the adjustments she need to.

I hope whichever way it goes for your son that he also finds contentment and a good life.

En qu’à tous c’est vraiment gentil de votre par sa sans que vous avait l’air d’une personne aimante et sympathique et prête a aidé les personnes un grand merci a vous

Oui smartthings et plus simple a utiliser mais il et beaucoup bridé comparé a home assistant

Ma femme m’avais dit de vendre le serveur home assistant elle a changé d’avis quand il y a eu la panne il y a qu’elle que jour

J’ai pris mes ampoule connectée a home assistant et fait le changement pendant la panne smartthings et la lumière fut sans se serveur de secours plu aucune lumière

Du coup elle m’a dit finalement on garde le serveur au cas où :ok_hand:

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