Philips hue Smart Button

I have just bought a Phillips Hue “Smart Button”’, which acts as a dimmer switch.

I have a v3 hub, (and have no interest in purchasing e-waste in the form of duplicated functionality from phillips).

I’ve been prodding the various device type handlers to see if any are close, but I’m getting nowhere fast. Should I expect the device to be able to ‘bind’ to the hub (as maybe an unknown type)? It’s not doing so currently.

If it’s down to not matching the types, is there any way of coaxing debug information out of the hub (like: I saw a device type X, but didn’t try to bind as I have no handlers - which is what it feels like is going on).

Did you get it works?

I have the same button. Did you manage to get anywhere with it?

No, not as yet.

I also use zigbee2mqtt, where it binds but doesn’t as yet work either :frowning: