Smart Blinds - anyone played with ElectraLift motorized blinds?

Powered and Powered+Smart blinds have been and continue to be abnormally expensive for what they are. I work in the commercial space and simple roller blinds with a wall plate control cost a fortune. Looking for something for home and Ikea’s still seem to be a ways off? They are still pretty costly and the reviews I have seen aren’t great.

I came across these: Under $70 for light limiting and $75 for blackout - cellular shades. If you click through the pics, it looks as if the top houses a motor/battery/control and then a ‘wand’ is plugged in via microusb and at the end of the wand are some buttons for up/down. There is some logic built in (not sure if up top, or in the wand) because you can set height limiters, etc from button commands.

Looking into it, a true Wifi solution might not work because of power draw (ideally these are self contained) but it seems that maybe a Z-wave solution might work? Is there some sort of Z-wave relay that is battery powered? Something from the security space?

The simplest solution might be to get into the wand and extend additional wiring up into the main body of the blind with a relay and then just trigger the buttons, up and down essentially. It looks as if it might have a latch function where the button hold drops the blinds until release, but if there is a single press all the way down (after the limiters are set) then it seems you could trigger it that way? And keep the wand functionality as well. You would need two relays up on/off, down/on off.

Another option might be to bogart some of the power from the blind battery and run something wifi like this?

But again, maybe power concerns?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? We have Amazon Alexa (used all the time), Lutron and their platform (caseta). Some TPLink plugin switches, etc. I work in the IT/AV space and can tinker but I have never done anything with RasberryPI, Andruino, etc.