Automatic blind simplest way to retrofit


(Bicycle Wang) #1

Hi, Im new here and always want to retrofit my existing blind to automatic, at least based on schedule. But all the available option are really expensive, 100+ per blind. I have over 20+ that I want to control so thats a signicant cost… I usually have 2 or 3 blind next to each other so I want to wire them together with one z wave controller to save cost. I just want to rotate the blind by connecting the rod to a motor. Then motor to a battery and controled by a z wave switch or something similar. I wonder if there is a small z wave inline switch that will operate on 12v or 9v battery. Thanks!

(Eric) #2

I can’t get past your handle.


There are numerous projects using a microcontroller like Arduino and/or an esp8266 board, and a servo to automate blinds thru SmartThings. Search the Projects forum for “blinds”.


You could also use Z-Wave shutter modules to control motorized blinds individually. Some even support 2 axis control.

EDIT: I’ve just realized you intend to control a series of blinds at once. For this i’d reccommend a relay switch (just note that the current rating needs to match ALL the wired motors summed up) for one axis, and a second relay switch for the second axis. If you have limit switches in your motors, this should do the job.