Automatic blind simplest way to retrofit

Hi, Im new here and always want to retrofit my existing blind to automatic, at least based on schedule. But all the available option are really expensive, 100+ per blind. I have over 20+ that I want to control so thats a signicant cost… I usually have 2 or 3 blind next to each other so I want to wire them together with one z wave controller to save cost. I just want to rotate the blind by connecting the rod to a motor. Then motor to a battery and controled by a z wave switch or something similar. I wonder if there is a small z wave inline switch that will operate on 12v or 9v battery. Thanks!

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There are numerous projects using a microcontroller like Arduino and/or an esp8266 board, and a servo to automate blinds thru SmartThings. Search the Projects forum for “blinds”.

You could also use Z-Wave shutter modules to control motorized blinds individually. Some even support 2 axis control.

EDIT: I’ve just realized you intend to control a series of blinds at once. For this i’d reccommend a relay switch (just note that the current rating needs to match ALL the wired motors summed up) for one axis, and a second relay switch for the second axis. If you have limit switches in your motors, this should do the job.