Smart app idea (Monitor my Wine Cooler), does something similar exist?

(Ron) #1

My wine cooler is really easy to turn off by accident (happens all the time when someone leans in counter in front of it).

So I want to write a Power Meter smart app which monitor that power is consumed every 15min or so and if not report that the device might be shut off.

Does anything like this exist already ?

(Ron) #3

I don’t understand…

(Dav Glass) #4

This wouldn’t be hard to write up. I have a Smart outlet on my Deep Freeze & one of my smaller fridges so I can start monitoring their wattage. I was going to add an alarm (push notification) if they are ever turned off on accident. Maybe I’ll write that after my coffee.

(Marc) #5

Can’t you monitor to temperature? If it’s turned off, I would imagine the temperature would fluctuate and you can detect it that way?

((Possibly not the Matt you're looking for)) #6

You could put an open-close detector inside the door and set it to send a push alarm if the temperature increases too much. I have one inside my fridge; it works great. You also have the added benefit of knowing if the door is ajar.

But to keep with your solution, I think some Power Meter apps have been written for the Aeon Aeotec Smart Strip; I saw talk of them when configuring my own.

(Ron) #7

Good point about temp option, but catching the lost power would alert me before the temp drops. Not that it is really that critical. Also I have a power meter I can use I don’t have an extra temp meter :smile:

I monitored the readings from my cooler. I had to add debug statements to the device because when the unit isn’t running it’s fan it read 0 even when turned on.
My readings were
With power off : ~.148W
On but not running fan or compressor: ~.39
On running fan: ~2.206W
running compressor: ~156W-172W

So I have two possible solutions.

  1. Alter device code to monitor power down to miliWatts
    Now I can use standard Smart App to check if power below 200 mW
    I am thinking about adding a preference to the device to let the user select unit for power reading. mW, W, kW, not sure kW is useful.
    My concern here is the power meter may not report it’s data since it is configured to report when it sees changes of 5W or more, I would prefer this device just report it’s periodically like every 1min or 5min. Does anyone know if this older power meter can be configured that way ?

  2. Write Smart App that I suggested which monitors activity and sees if the power doesn’t hit more than 100W at least once every 10-15min. This may not work in areas where it is cold since your cooler may only need to run once every hour or more but living in Hawaii my compressor seems to run every 10min or so.

I think the first solution might be much easier and will report faster if the meter will produce output often enough.

((Possibly not the Matt you're looking for)) #8

I can’t code, so I don’t know if this will help, but this is the thread I was thinking of where people were kicking around code for polling power meters:

(Ron) #9

I decided to alter the device code and report in mW. Now when the unit is powered off it reports something under 150mW, when it’s on but doing nothing it reports about 220 or so.

I also found that the device code from this thread Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch DSC06 lets you report power on a time interval.

So the built in alert which is poorly named “Get Notified when you’re using too much energy” under green living works. It actually reports too high and too low energy use.

Unfortunately it reports too often, since I set my power meter to report every minute I get notifications every minute if the cooler is turned off. So I need to modify the smart app to report once, or every 15min or something like that. So still needs a little work.

(Ron) #10

I managed to write the smart app which now works perfectly with the device change to report milliWatts.

If anyone is interested the app you can see it here.
I used the device code from @jpansarasa I mentioned, tweaked if to report milli watts and then wrote this smart app

I wrote the app so it can be used to alert if power turns on or off based on going over or under the threshold set.

In my case I set threshold to 190 (milli watts) and configured for under. This seems to work perfect. The cooler reports milliwatts of 140-180 when off, 210-176000 when on.