App to determine power drops

I’m looking to see if anyone has developed an app that will allow actions when power usage drops on a device.

My situation: I have a pizza maker that I have hooked up to a smart outlet that monitors wattage. The pizza maker runs on a timer that turns the heat off after the timer expires. The wattage on the outlet drops from ~1250 watts down to under 20.

I was hoping to see an app that monitors for an extended period of high wattage, and then calls actions when that wattage drops for a set period of time. I saw a similar app for a washing machine that sensed vibration, and that has been running great. I assume something for wattage would also be doable.


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i have an app that might just get you there called TurnItOffWhenNotInUse. It watches for power drops after a set time and will either turn off the device, or another device when the power level drops. Feel free to edit it to fit your needs.

Thanks for the reply and the source code. I’ll see if I can adapt to make it work for me.

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