Alarm when smartoutlet is off?

Is there any way, SmartApp or otherwise, that I can configure to send me a push notification or text when one of my Smartoutlets is off? I’m very much looking forward to the power monitoring feature that they are supposed to do. I’m hoping that once that is enabled, it can send me an alert when it stops using any power. Basically, I have one plugged into my Radon fan and would like to use that for monitoring and making sure that it is running at all times.


I’m not an expert, but it seems to me you’ll need to use something like this ( check that its in the updated list of compatible things. Then you’ll need to find or write an smartapp that will monitor it for zero consumption and let you know. It all seems possible…if you know how to code, and if the device is on the list. I’m hoping for you that someone else will chime in with an easier answer, especially if you don’t code, like me.

There are several ways of doing it. One way is to use an app called Notify Me When. It send text, push or both.

But doesn’t that only trigger when the outlet is SWITCHED off? If I had a radon fan, I’d want it to be running at all times, so I wouldn’t want it on a switched outlet. Therefore, I thought what he’s looking for is something that will tell him that power draw from the monitored-but-unswitched outlet is zero. As in the motor has failed, even though the outlet is switched on.

Yes, I installed the Notify Me When. I’ll use this until we are able to monitor the power usage from the Smart Outlets. And yes, I want the fan on 100% of the time!