Smart Alarm System by Netatmo

The smart security frenzy continues with a new system by Netatmo.

With an interesting twist, no subscription

All features of the Smart Alarm System with Camera are available free of charge . No subscription or additional costs are required to use the system or access its data.

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Now in the UK and France I believe, coming soon to the US:

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As far as I can see there is nothing new here. All three of the products i.e. camera, siren and sensors have been on sale for some time.

Netatmo have always and still do offer various ways to record camera footage (automatically) to a free destination. Either this has been the included SD card, or an FTP server or a free Dropbox account. (Dropbox have changed their terms to make this far less attractive.) Not yet available but already announced has been support for Apple’s new HomeKit Secure Video feature which records to your iCloud account. (Paid storage required.)

Really, really annoyingly Apple have configured their HomeKit Secure Video so that you can get either 2-camera support or 5-camera support but not higher! Even a single house might end up with well over 5 cameras, remember this could include indoor, outdoor and smart door bell cameras all of which Netatmo have, on top of that HomeKit is supposed to support multiple houses under a single account making the potential total number of cameras even higher!

It does sound like Netamo have a new app to improve the integration between these devices though.

I would consider this to be similar to other ‘smart’ alarm systems but with vastly better cameras and no professional monitoring, i.e. it is a self monitoring system via the app.

Note: Netatmo’s Welcome camera as per this bundle includes facial recognition.

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“All three parts of the Smart Alarm System – the Cam, Siren and sensors – have been announced before, but IFA marks the official launch of the Siren.”

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Yep. Also more and better Alexa integration through a new Alexa skill.

Also as @HA_fanatic mentioned, One new piece of hardware, the siren, which is integrated into both the new app and the new Alexa skill.

You can set up rules with the cam, siren and sensor to automatically arm and disarm the system with geofencing or as the camera recognizes you. You can also customize the siren so it only sounds when it specifically sees a strange face.

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