Netatmo Presence Camera

Has anyone integrated this security camera into ST please?
Thanks in advance, Paul

Bump to see if any progress?

Thumbs up.
I was wondering the same.
Netatmo mentions smartthings even on their homepage

Yes, would be great to have this in ST!

Still nothing ? I order min so not sure yet but is this like the Nokia (within) home which have an encrypted video stream witch mean no integration… but the device is HomeKit Compatible though so probably able to get some stuff out like turn the light on etc or use the speaker / micro

It’s not HomeKit compatible yet. They have announced their intention to be, but it’s always best to wait and see what actually gets released and not try to guess ahead of time. Like the Logitech circle 2 which announced they would be HomeKit compatible and then it turns out that only the mains powered model is, the battery powered model is not.

The German company has a nice Integration.

It’s German but you can check the video

Like you I want the Netatmo Presence integration, as it works well on its own, but I need to tie it in with the rest of my system. I tried the Apple Homekit integration which is now released (well it worked in Homekit at least) but as it crashed my camera app I uninstalled the Homekit link. I think there are issues.

Please someone, can you code a Netatmo Presence integration - especially Smarrthings officially if you are reading this.

your integration is fantastic. Now I need one integration for tour on and off the light of My presence, with SmartThings