Smart Alarm Features

Firstly, thanks so much to @geko for creating Smart Alarm, it’s genius!

I have 3 quick questions that I’m hoping you guys can help with!

  1. I have Samsung SmartCam HD Pro and for some reason while I can use it with SHM etc. it can’t be found as a Camera is Smart Alarm, only as a switch. Is there a way to get it to be identified so that it can take pictures and include these? Almost in the same behaviour as SHM does?

  2. Are there any keypads that you guys would recommend that we know are working for arming/disarming the alarm? I really like this one but can’t see any code to get it to work:

  3. I’m currently using the Audio Notifications of Smart Alarm, but at the moment while it notifies you of a Status Change, it doesn’t seem to notify you that the entry timer has been triggered, only instead when the Alarm has actually gone off. Is this something that is possible in another way?

Thanks in advance for the help!


For #2 see Centralite/Iris Keypads They are working well.
Can’t help on the others. Sorry

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Thanks for the heads up. I looked at that keypad but it appears it may work only on the US frequency… Any ideas on one working for the UK?

Sorry nope. Wrong side of the pond for me. LOL

Anyone got any further thoughts on this? My key points are 1 and 3 if anyone has any advice?